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Sydney's TOP 5 House Nights / Club Nights / Dance Events / House Events

SHE (Soulful House Experience) - Yu - Monthly Art - Friday - Lepanic - Friday Laundry @ Slip Inn - Saturday Kink - Arthouse - Saturday Sundays Only - The Greenwood
Hotel, North Sydney - Sunday
She Sydney Yu bar event house night club dance Art Nights - Lepanic - King's cross sydney event club house dance Laundry Slip Inn Sydney club dance night house music Kink Arthouse Sydney clubbing events house music The Greenwood Hotel North Sydney sound on Sunday

Sydney Clubbing Events

Clubbing Sydney

Friday Night Events



Event Venue Cost Frequency TFW Rating
ART Lepanic - 20 Bayswater Road, King's Cross.

Boasting a select group of Sydney's best DJ's including some established names as well as some of the major new players on the scene Art is getting bigger and better all the time and would have to be the big thing on Friday nights in Sydney at the moment.

$10 Weekly 90
Houselife Mylk Lounge: 163 Oxford St, Darlinghurst.

Free Cocktails 10-11, entertainment like roving magicians and top Sydney DJs. Mylk still don't have a web site so contact for more info.

free b4 12am, $10 after Weekly 80
The Big House Cerutis, 15 Sydney Road, Manly.

Big props to the guys behind The Big House Night for taking great music and great Sydney DJs out of Sydney's CBD and onto the North Shore @ Manly's Cerutis. Great venue, so if you live on the North Shore get down and boogie @ The Big House Night

$5 on the door Weekly 90


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Clubbing Sydney

Saturday Night Events

Event Venue Cost Frequency TFW Rating
S.H.E. (Soulful House Experience) Yu - 171 Victoria St , Potts Point, King's Cross

Currently THE buzz venue in Sydney, SHE puts on International DJs every month. The whole concept of this night is providing a night for a more knowledgeable, sophisticated House crowd and they are really hitting the mark. S.H.E. runs from 9pm till very late.

$20 Monthly 92.5
Monkey Tennis Candy's Apartment - Lepanic - 24 Bayswater Road, King's Cross

Centre Court: Deep/Tribal/US/Tech

Court 1: Retro/Funk/Disco/Soul/80's

free b4 9

$15 b4 12

$20 after

Weekly 82
Kink @ Arthouse

Arthouse, 275 Pitt St, Sydney

The biggest funky house (and breaks) night in Sydney. Every week Kink boasts an International DJ headlining in the main room which is usually a House act. Arthouse is known to have 12 different types of tequila behind the bar just that alone is a huge night!! Kink is currently so popular that it is moving into the Canberra and Gold coast markets.

$25 Weekly 80
Sumo Sonic The World Bar, 28 Bayswater Road, King's Cross $15 Weekly 85
Laundry Slipp inn, 111 Sussex Street, Sydney

Great combination of a nice bar to sit and listen to some chill out / lounge style house whilst catching up with friends and downstairs to the Laundry where it always on for young and old and you'll hear some much more upbeat, peak hour House and dance music.

$10 before 10 $20 after Weekly 87
Electro Disco Le Panic Nightclub, 20 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross

The claim that Electro Disco is the "BEST NIGHT EVER TIMES INFINITY SQUARED" is a fairly singnifcantly exaggreated and somewhat mathematically dubious claim however with a line up of DJs as they boast at a venue as slick as Le Panic you can't go wrong. Tunes can be slightly cheesy and the crowd is very good looking so if that's not your bag then go elsewhere.

$20 Monthly 80


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Clubbing Sydney

Sunday Night Events

Event Venue Cost Frequency TFW Rating
Sounds On Sunday Greenwood Hotel, 36 Blue St, North Sydney, NSW, 206011am-10pm.

SOS is an institution in Sydney simply put it is a great venue, that is guaranteed to have the biggest and best DJs Sydney has to offer every week. A day in the courtyard in summer at Sounds is a true gem.

$10-$15 Weekly 90
After Ours Yu - 171 Victoria St , Potts Point, King's Cross. 10 pm till late

After Ours is the traditional kick on event from the most excellent Sounds On Sunday. You can expect to see at least some of the DJs that played at SOS that day. AO is usually very up tempo and often quite messy but that's not all bad. AO has much less of the look-at-me attitude that turns many people away from Yu and is always a blast.

$10 Weekly 80
Porno Combo Moulin Rouge - King's Cross. 10pm till late

Porno Combo is still new to this little town but this doesn't stop it packing out every single week. The DJs on rotation are some of Sydney's favourite like Illya, Ajax, Ben Morris, John Devecchis, Sam Serene, James Taylor, John Glover, Trix & Good Fella and many other big names ensuring the tunes are never short of the best. It's held at one of Sydney's coolest venues and draws people who just want to shake their ass and have fun.

$10 Weekly 75


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Clubbing Sydney

Other Events






TFW Rating

Only (Wednesday) The Eastern Hotel, Bondi Junction.

Only is the only option in Sydney on Wednesday night. Other places open their doors but the newly renovated Eastern Hotel looks slick and is a surprisingly busy event populated by loads of good looking people and some of Sydney's leading DJs weekly.

$5 after 10 Weekly 75



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