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clubbing Sydney Melbourne Australia dj Dance music event venue is Australia's fastest growing Dance music, house music and lifestyle portal.

The Funky Way is a guide to the local dance music culture in the major centres of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and the Gold Coast. The Funky Way contains guides to the best dance music clubs, venues, events and DJs.

The Funky Way also has heaps of entertainment for your pleasure. Some of the things to do here is play games, look at the funniest and mst curious pictures from around the web, trivia, jokes and the famous Funky Way goo page where you can squish up the faces of the famous and infamous alike.

If you are a DJ or thinking about becoming one look at our guide to the best record shops and retailers of DJ equipment and buying guides.

Two pages that absolutely must be checked out are the TFW links page and our philosophy where you can find even more to do and discover just a little more about who we are and what we do.

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The Funky Way - How do you live your life?

The Funky Way is about how we live our lives.

It is about style and grace. It is about mutual respect and love.

It is about the gift of giving.

It is about living the best life that you can without harming others or the world we live in.

It is about getting everything out of life. Turn off your television and start to live again.

Please...Do something new to day!! Go for a walk, join a sporting club, introduce yourself to someone new, paint a picture, write a poem, learn to play an instrument, go out dancing, do anything and live life...



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